Series: Piano Collection

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브랜드 Hal Leonard
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Piano Solo
Series: Piano Collection
Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.

Arranger: Lawrence Rosen
Composer/Author: Various

Contents: John Adams: China Gates · Dave Brubeck: They All Sang Yankee Doodle · John Corigliano: Adagio from Gazebo Dances · Richard Danielpour: Mardi Gras (from The Enchanted Garden) · Anthony Davis: Middle Passage · Norman Dello Joio: Salute to Scarlatti · Philip Glass: Wichita Vortex Sutra · Morton Gould: China Chips (from Pieces of China), Patterns (movements 1 and 7) · John Harbison: Gospel Shout (from Four Occasional Pieces), Two Part Invention (from Four Occasional Pieces), Minuet (from Four More Occasional Pieces), Anniversary Waltz (from Four More Occasional Pieces) · Lee Hoiby: Narrative · Aaron Jay Kernis: Lullaby (from Before Sleep and Dreams) · Leon Kirchner: Five Pieces · Peter Lieberson: Breeze of Delight (from Fantasy Pieces), Memory"s Luminous Wind (from Fantasy Pieces) · Mel Powell: Prelude · Joan Tower: Or Like a ... an Engine.

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$29.95 (US)
Inventory # HL 50482215
ISBN: 079355098X
UPC: 73999822151
Width: 9
Length: 12
152 pages

Table of contents
Adagio from Gazebo Dances (John Corigliano)
Anniversary Waltz from Four More Occasional Pieces (John Harbison)
Breeze of Delight from Fantasy Pieces (Peter Lieberson)
China Chips from Pieces of China (Morton Gould)
China Gates (John Adams)
Five Pieces (Leon Kirchner)
Gospel Shout from Four Occasional Pieces (John Harbison)
Lullaby from Before Sleep and Dreams) (Aaron Kernis)
Mardis Gras from The Enchanted Garden (Richard Danielpour)
Memory"s Luminous Wind from Fantasy Pieces (Peter Lieberson)
Middle Passage (Anthony Davis)
Minuet from Four More Occasional Pieces (John Harbison)
Narrative (Lee Hoiby)
Or Like a ... an Engine (Joan Tower)
Patterns (movements 1 and 7) (Morton Gould)
Prelude (Mel Powell)
Salute to Scarlatti (Norman Dello Joio)
They All Sang Yankee Doodle (Dave Brubeck)
Two Part Invention from Four Occasional Pieces (John Harbison)
Wichita Vortex Sutra (Philip Glass)

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