[AKG 정품] AKG K271 MKII (테크데이타 정품)
Professional stereo studio headphone K271Mk2

제품코드 MS1084-국제
원산지 중국
브랜드 AKG
판매가 236,500원
할인가 170,000원
마일리지 1,700 원
배송료 무료배송
바로구매 장바구니 위시리스트



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▲ 제품구성 : 헤드폰, 인조패드/벨벳패드, 3M케이블, 5M 코일드 케이블,


젠더(커넥터의 굵이를 바꿔주는.)






▲ 벨벳패드(인조패드와 교체가능)






▲ 5M 코일드 케이블(3M 일반 케이블과 교체가능)





▲ 제품구성 : 헤드폰, 인조패드/벨벳패드, 3M케이블, 5M 코일드 케이블,


젠더(커넥터의 굵이를 바꿔주는.)



  • Professional circumaural hi-fi stereo studio headphones
  • Self-adjusting headband for optimum fit
  • Patented Varimotion speakers
  • High noise attenuation
  • For onstage and studio use
  • Automute feature mutes headphones when they are taken off
  • Leatherette and additional velvet ear pads
  • Single-sided, detachable 3 m cable and additional 5 m coiled cable

    The newly designed AKG legend, K






    II combines the benefits of AKG’s circumaural design for extreme comfort and a closed-back design for maximum isolation from ambient noise. Thanks to its XXL transducers, the K




    MK II sounds clean, smooth and very rich.

    The K 271




    II is the perfect choice for any application where sonic bleed could cause problems such as broadcast work.

    Another important feature of the K






    II is the addition of a switch in the headband that mutes the audio just as soon as the headphones are taken off.


    [ Package Content ]

    - headphone

    - 인조패드 + 벨벳패드

    - 3m cable

    - 5m coiled cable

    - Screw-on stereo adapter (3.5mm/6.3mm)

  • Headphones weight without cable (g)
    Sensitivity (dB/mW, dB/V*)
    91, 104*
    Audio bandwidth (Hz to kHz)
    Max. input power (mW)
    Rated impedance (ohms)
    Convertible jack plug (1/8' to 1/4')
    Replaceable ear pads
    Patented self-adjusting headband
    Automatic on/off switch
    Unbreakable metal arches
    99.99% oxygen-free cable (length in m)
    Single-sided cable
    Hard gold-plated jack plug and contacts
    Plug-in cable on headphones (mini-XLR connector)
    Patented Varimotion diaphragms
    Closed-back, dynamic headphones
    NdFe magnets
    Suited for (SA)CD, DVD(A), DAT
    Best for MP3, CD, MD and PC/laptops

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